- What Are I Like Stars.

 I Like Stars is a large Electronic Platform that Unites and Combines Communication, Entertainment, Work and User Needs, through the Interaction between them on its Single Page.

1) With Seven Different Recognized Ways of Communication - Search Worldwide that Users Use on Social Media.

2) With the Cooperation of Two E-Shops, the First with the search for Various Services in the form of Gift Certificates and the Second with the Search for Products.

3) With a New Support - Reward and Redemption Model for Users.

 What Creation Is I Like Stars.

 I Like Stars is one of the Projects of the company Genesis of Skynet, a Company that has Offices in Several European Countries and is active in the field of Social Media.

 - What is the Company Philosophy for the Project of I Like Stars.

 The Philosophy of the Company is the Support of Man towards Man without altering his Personal Character, but instead highlighting and Giving him Value by Transferring him to a Parallel Environment of his Everyday Life with the Support of the Electronic Form, which They aim at the Cooperation of both, thus Creating a Job but also the Development of Businesses either Locally or Globally in the Form of Electronic Networking that Man seeks for Various Benefits in NeedThe Company, having the Support of Man with Man through Various Associations and not, from all over the World, regardless of Color and Language, Invests Money in Statistical Research Companies to collect Information through Various Questionnaires and Questionnaires Space where Man collaborates.

 - What is the Reason of the Genesis of Skynet Company for the Creation of such a Project.

 The Reason of the Company Philosophy mentioned above, the Company's Projects are created by the Balanced form of Man with man for the Management of Technology and not the Exploitable form of man who manages man with Collaborative TechnologyGuided by the Balanced form of Man and guided by man uniting the Opinions of people from one end of the world to the other in the form of Statistical Studies, the Company Organizes Online Events taking into account the opinion, from the youngest to the oldest of. With these supplies and criteria man - Courage - Virtue - Knowledge and will we reach the result of the right Cooperation sometimes with the Voluntary Offer and sometimes with the Investment support Thus creating a project born from people for Man for the right Management as to the way a person approaches Technology. The Company, as in other and Various other Projects that it has undertaken and implemented in the way we mentioned above, reaches this point to report and in turn give a big Thank you to all the people who listen and contribute to term: Man !!!. The Contributors of Project I Like Stars agreed not to disclose their Names since the creation of this Project was not based on One, Two or Three People but with the consent of many People.

 What Makes It Unique And Special To I Like Stars Users From Other Online Platforms .

  I Like Stars is a large Electronic Platform that contains the most Popular Ways of Communicating Social Networking based on a Familiar Environment for the User and with a simple operation of the features he has experienced so far. I Like Stars is the MALL of Social Media, What makes it unique? It Has It All in ONE and It Stands Out and What Stands Out is its Class in Its Space but the Exceptional and Unique It is the Management that shows the person to Choose and not to Treat the person from the very first moment, managing to bring the Support. One with each other in all Sectors of Entertainment - Fun - Communication - Needs - Work in any Activity that each person wants to Communicate in the world of Electronic Networking Winning to support everyone among themselves Man to Person Awarding it. One of the most beautiful things about this great Electronic Platform is that before you enter this huge World of Social Media, you choose the Ways - Sites of Communication and Interests provided by each Space - Way, thus directing you to Choose and meet your Choice. Communication.

 What is Liketwitt +

 Liketwitt + is a Social Networking Site that allows its Users to send and read short messages. Messages are limited to 1000 Characters or less, but are enough to post a Link, Share an Image or even exchange Thoughts with a Favorite your Star or your Fan. The messages can be read only by connected Users, but also to actively support their company in each of their posts by rewarding them with each other.

 - What Is Likeface +

 Likeface + is a Social Networking Platform. Likeface + is the only site where you will probably find friends, Colleagues and Relatives. Although Likeface + focuses primarily on sharing Photos, Links and short thoughts of a personal nature, individuals can also show their support for each other by Rewarding their company by making them Like Star - Super Like Star and Mega Like Star !!!

 What is Likeling +

 Likeling + is a Professional Social Networking Website at Work - Business. Likeling + is for the cyberspace that networking groups used to be. It is very good to meet Customers, to get in touch with Sellers, to hire New Employees and to keep up with the latest news in Business or industry news.

 What is Liketumb +

 Liketumb + is a Microblogging Press Website, while it is also a Social Network, with which a User can create and upload Posts, Images, Videos, Quotes, Songs, Articles and the Company that has to support his effort not Professionally but Amateur.

 - What Is Likepinter +

 Likepinter + Serving as a Giant Virtual Idea and Inspiration Panel, Likepinter + is a Public Website called Do-It-Yourself that lets you share Pictures, Creative Thoughts or Special Before-and-After Project Images that you have created and then others can share you Like Star - Super Like Star or Mega Like Star supporting you for the differentiation you have projected and published.

 - What Is Likechanel +

 Likechanel + is a website that entertains and entertains at the same time inviting your company to support you in your endeavor, either by creating short videos within the page space or by uploading the Link of your Personal Channel that you have created with various topics that you have choose you like funny Videos Songs etc.

 What Is Likeimage +

 Likeimage + is a social networking site that allows you to edit and share photos and videos online. If you are looking for a quick, easy connection between camera mode on your smartphone then Likeimage + is the answer. You can create your own Casting Foto - Video and invite your friends to comment on your photos or ideas and reward you by supporting you for what you posted.

 - Instructions

 The Next Step after the direction of the Website that we mentioned the Ways - Places that we will meet then we go and select one of them by opening a Personal Account on the Page which is Free, then the Registration Form opens where you fill in your details like all the Online Platforms on the Internet as you will find some Important Fields that may be more or less familiar to you and you will find them useful for browsing the Page but also for your Activities in it these two fields for people who do not know the what and what are the following:

 A) Interestsin this field choosefrom the main Sections of interests that appear to you for your best browsing on the page as it plays an important role in finding friends or groups that you will meet with the guy you have formed on the page of I Like Stars such as: #Auto - # Moto - # Parents - # Child - # Fashion - # Food - # Sweet - # Health - # Beauty - # Hobbies - # Sports - # Home - # Garden - # Decoration - # Knowledge - # Science - #Technology - #Robotics - Tools - # Do it yourself - # Travel Vacations - # Fun - # Entertainment - # Adult Dating - # Art- # Culture - # Politics - # Economy - # Professional Social Networking - # News.

 B ) Rapporteur code in this field we fill in the user id of the friend who is already a Member of the Page and the Electronic Mechanism of I Like Stars at the end of the Registration gave him a unique number as you will get later in your Registration which you can Share with the Friends you Invite.

 - What is the Purpose of this Field in the Registration Form.

 The Purpose of this field has a Beautiful Way of Communication support with two parallel different directions that you and your Friends are shaped in your relationship with the I Like Stars Page. Everything in Our Lives today is how we perceive Support from Support and Reward from Exploitation between Human Relationship and Electronic Networking Communication.

 What Is The Right Human Treatment And Social Media Through Research

 Research has shown that Free Benefits with various Ways of Communicating to man on Social Media, are not condemnable but at the same time They are not Conditions of Behavior of Human Emotions, for Man to Give Him Real and True Values, but instead to bring him to a Suppression and in a Caged Habit that poses itself not to Think because it does so by revealing, a Self that was not in reality. The Various Symbols of Emotions that exist in the Social Media Space that have been created for the way of manifestation of the Communication of each User on Social Media can, work in several cases in a Kind of Addiction to Man when there is no measure and Balance, or something to Give Time to Think as a Man and not as a Machine with Emotions of Technology, which Yes serve Human Conditions but can not bring out and Project Human and True Feelings, thus ignoring the Creative virtues and true Values ​​it has. On the occasion of the Research Data of the various Symbols but also of various Free ways of communication without there being anything that Supports the Current User, not even the same Electronic Platforms that provide the Space in which he Communicates - Entertain and Share and Share Things with his Friends, making Sales and Addiction Areas for a World that is not, but also does not work that way Man taking his Value and Selling him in a Way (Exploitation) we would say, the Page of I Like Stars the Cited Mall of Social Media came to make a difference by walking with Man, each of us choosing his own attitude and role that he wishes to have, in an Area of Electronic Networking, thus providing the opportunity showing him the way of Supporting Man to Man but also the support of the Page itself to man having the Choice to Give Value to him in every activity . Therefore the Value of each of us is something that You create from within us, in a struggle of Effort with ourselves that we present and share with the People who are around us with the Support of Ours and our Friends and not the support of Technology in its Exploitable Form.

 Why It was named the Electronic Platform I LIKE STARS

 The Page Name chosen to be given to the Man within the Social Media Area could not be a small two-syllable or three-syllable word that clearly served the Marketing of the I Like Stars Project. I Like Stars was born and Created by all Humans for Humans and not a Set of Educated Humans for humans therefore Man has learned to communicate with suggestions giving Value and not through abbreviations thus exchanging his way of Thinking . I Like Stars is what gives through the Words that Uses the direction and the way of Communication to the person, uniting them all together, thus supporting the person, giving him Value, with these criteria of those who refer to the name of his page, I Like Stars did not come to surprise Man as a page that wants to take advantage of Man, but to Support every Man and every Team that has been created on his Page. So that every person but also every Team that creates and Promotes its various Activities can see and get its Value, so it took the Philosophy that Man has accepted for the word Value and moved on it and the transferred to a Virtual but familiar Environment for Man creating the Like 2 Coins.

 - What Are Like 2 Coins on the Online Platform at I Like Stars

 Like2Coins is the Reward and Redemption System that wants to truly and truly support the effort of his Man, his Friend, or his Girlfriend, his other Team as he would in the real and real world that lives and knows so far . The Mall of Social Media could not be invoked with this title if it did not have in the environment of the electronic networking only the word support the person, the Mall of Social Media supports and covers completely with the system and the mechanism that it has in the Electronic Platform of, All Areas of Man such as: Man with Man Man and Entertainment, Man and Work, Man and Business, Man and Need, because it is a Virtual World Parallel to the Real how Man Works. That is why the page of I Like Stars through a Program Based on the Conditions of the True Man Who Is Familiar to Him, Supported His Program in a Parallel Virtual Reality that does not go beyond the Boundaries of Man, which shapes him in His daily life.You complete and support from the very first tour of the I Like Stars Page that you support the Free Will that forms in his Character and his Interests in an Interaction that he discovers in Various Areas that he will discover that the Social Media Mall has.