My Team - Likers

- What are Likers?

- Like - star or Like - stars is a type of character, with this distinctive title because he is the man who is the one who likes to search, create and invite friends through social - media. He is the one who likes to spend his time observing the posts or activities of the people who are in this space, leading himself to discover his common elements and interests that his character has with the others, without disturbing him.

- What is my team?

- My team is a game in the game of doitliketakemoney.

- How is it played?

- Just very simple in three steps. Invite - Share - Win !!!

A) Invite your friends to come with us to the doitliketakemoney game Registration is FREE

B) Share the user-id (code) that the doitliketakemoneyey gave you by completing your registration by going to see the user-id (code) that is unique to your profile. write it to your friends in the field: AdvisorID that they will find on their registration card.

C) Win Like2Coins (the game currency) from your friends for the invitation you made to them.



Invite - Share - Win !!!


- Where can I see this tab?

- You can see this tab on both the Main page and the Home page of doitliketakemoney.

STEP 1) Select the My team tab.


STEP 2) The Display Team's Report tab opens.

STEP 3) Optionally set the user-id (number) of your profile given to you by the doitliketakemoney page.

STEP 4) Select a period From - To that you want to see.


Note: In case you forgot your user-id number, go back to the Home Page of doitliketakemoney, and select the Profile field and your Profile will appear with your user-id.


STEP 5) After we have filled in the fields of the tab we select the Search field.


STEP 6) My Team's Report opened.



STEP 7) In the Period table we see the Report of the time period we have defined.

STEP 8) In the Advisor we see our user-id (id).

STEP 9) In the Member Count field we get the information how many of our friends - Likers when they registered on the doitliketakemoney page put our user-id (code) that we told them in the Advisor field.

STEP 10) In the Turnover field (€) we get the information on how many packages Like2Coins all our friends needed to get - Likers for the game.

STEP 11) In the Like2Coins Earned field, we get the information on how many Like2Coins our friends - Likers gave us, depending on the Like2Coins packages needed for the game.

STEP 12) In the Profit field (€) we get the information corresponding to Like2Coins in € that we have won.


STEP 13) In the List Detail table we get the following information:

A) In the Member field we have the information of our friends-likers with their user-id and their name.

B) In the Purchases field we have the 4 different Like2Coins packages and we get the information on which and how many packages each of our friends needed - Liker for the game.

C) In the Total field we get the information about what profit we have from the Like2Coins packages that each of our friends - Liker needed.


STEP 14) We also have a Second Choice on the tab My Group after we have first selected it in the Home or the Main page of doitliketakemoney.

STEP 15) The My Team's Report tab opens.

STEP 16) Insert the user-id (number) of your friend's or girlfriend's profile - Liker

STEP 17) Select a period from - to that you want to see.



STEP 18) After we have filled in the fields of the tab we select the Search field.


Note: Selecting the Second Selection The Group Report will give us the information ONLY the tables a) Table Period From - To to b) Advisor Table refers to the id of the friend - Liker we entered in the field Select the Member which is in the My Team's Report tab see above on (STEP 16) and c) the List Details table. (I repeat It concerns ONLY information we want to know about this particular friend - Liker as to what was shared with us always according to which and how many packages Like2Coins had to get for the game of doitliketakemoney).



1) Members - Likers are all my friends in my team?

- Your team includes ONLY friends - Likers who, by creating their registration on the doitliketakemoney page, wrote your user-id (only your number) in the Advisor field. This number is unique to each profile you create and is provided by mechanism of doitliketakemoney in each completed account you become on its page.

2) Why do I have a number in my profile?

- it is important to have it for the security of your profile, for example, someone cannot create a fake profile and put the number you have and secondly with your password in the game of doitliketakemoney you will understand that you need it for the way of entertainment and your character that you choose to have in the game but also various needs that you may need to get through the e-shop of doitliketakemoney.

3) What is it that I gain from Members - My Likers that is in my Team?

- Like2Coins are Like2Coins (the currency of the game).

4) How do I win Like2Coins from Members - Likers?

- The game is Mutual and fair for everyone the following applies to you who may have registered an Advisor in your registration. Every time your Members - Likers need to get a Like2Coins package between 4 different packages you respectively what they will get will share with you some Like2Coins with you.

5) What are the Packages and How Many Like2Coins do My Members-Likers share with me?

- See the Like2Coins Package Table and what their correspondence is.



6) Is the Advisor's id field required to register a Member's Account on his Registration Card?

- The Advisor's field is not required in the Registration of the New Member in the doitliketakemoney is in his Consent and in his own rights if your friend wants to put your id.

7) What if I don't have a Rapporteur like me, the packages I may need for the game share these Like2Coins I saw in the table above elsewhere?

- Like2Coins do not share anywhere in your account.

8) What is the reason that the Rapporteur's field is not mandatory?

- The reason is that the game of doitliketakemoney does not have the character of creating a Pyramid network or the type of Airplane that you may have heard, but of a beautiful company.

The character of doitliketakemoney is clearly for each member to feel liberated and aware of every activity he does on our website.

9) If a friend of mine forgets to put my password in the registration process, what can you do?

- Yes, by going to the Home page of Doitliketakemoney and in the Contact tab, your friend selects the General Users - Members Question section.


Then a tab opens: Selects the CONTACT FORM section and fills in his / her details: Name: The name of his / her Email profile: The email of his / her registration

Subject: Advisor ID Message: I am **** with id *** and I want my new Advisor will be code *** of your friend. Finally click the field: Send Message.



10) Do I have the right to delete my Code Rapporteur or replace it with another Advisor ID?

- You have the right to do both by following the example above we gave giving your details simply in the field of the form


Note: In this case our page sends and notifies each member - User of this move that you wish or vice versa.