Terms Of Use


Welcome to ILIkeSTARs !

 I LIke STARs Is a large ElectronIc Platform that unItes and combInes CommunIcatIon, EntertaInment, Work and User needs, Through the InteractIon betWeen Them on TheIr One Page.

1) WIth Seven DIfferent RecognIzed Ways of CommunIcatIon - Search WorldwIde that Users Use on SocIal MedIa.

2) WIth the CooperatIon of two E-Shops, the fIrst WIth the Search for VarIous ServIces In the form of GIft CertIfIcates and the second WIth the Search for Products .

3) WIth a New Support - Reward and RedemptIon Model for Users.

ILIkeSTARs Develops TechnologIes and ServIces that allow People to connect WIth each Other, BuIld Teams accordIng to TheIr Interests, and Develop TheIr BusInesses. These Terms of Use govern the Use of ILIkeSTARs and DoItshope and the Other Products, OperatIons, ApplIcatIons, ServIces, TechnologIes and SoftwAre Programs We ProvIde (ILIkeSTARs and DoItshope)

What Are ILikeStars Products ?

ILIkeSTARs Products Include ILIkeSTARs In GIft CertIfIcates and Offers CoverIng Local BusInesses of VarIous ProvIsIons In DIfferent CountrIes and Its DoItshope Marketplace PartnershIp In Products (IncludIng Its MobIle ApplIcatIon - MobIle Response) The WebsIte that desIres and belIeves that It needs a Product .

Any CompanIes or OrganIzatIons wIshIng to be featured on ILIkeSTARs pay us to SHow You Ads for TheIr Products and ServIces. If You Use Our Products, You agree that We Have the rIght to SHow You Ads that We belIeve may be of Interest to You or relevant to YOur Interests. To determIne whIch Ads Are best for You, We Use YOur Personal Data that You choose each tIme You adapt to the Interests and TopIcs that ILIkeSTARs has In YOur Stream.

We Do not sell YOur Personal Data to AdvertIsers and We Do not dIsclose to AdvertIsers Any InformatIon that could lead to YOur ImMedIate IdentIfIcatIon (eg Name, EmaIl Address or Other Contact InformatIon), unless You gIve us specIfIc permIssIon to Do so. the purpose. Instead, AdvertIsers ProvIde us WIth VarIous InformatIon, e.g. the type of AudIence In whIch they want to DIsplay TheIr Ads, and We DIsplay These Ads to IndIvIduals Who may be Interested accordIng to Each User's ChoIce of Interest. We ProvIde AdvertIsers WIth reports on the performance of TheIr Ads, whIch help them understand How Users Are InteractIng WIth TheIr Content.

The Data PolIcy explaIns How We Collect and Use YOur Personal Data In order to determIne whIch Ads We wIll SHow You and to ProvIde You WIth all Other ServIces DescrIbed Below.

Data PolIcy .

ThIs PolIcy descrIbes the InformatIon We process to Support ILIkeSTARs and DoItshope Marketplace.

What KInd Of InformatIon Do We Collect ?

In order to ProvIde ILIkeSTARs and DoItshope Products, We need to process certaIn InformatIon About You. The CategorIes of InformatIon We Collect depend on How You Use Our Products accordIng to the Interests of YOur flow that You desIre.

ActIons That You and Others Do And ShAre.

InformatIon And Content You ProvIde .

We Collect the Content, CommunIcatIons and Other InformatIon You ProvIde when You Use Our Products, IncludIng when You create an account, create or ShAre Content and exchange Messages or CommunIcate WIth Others. ThIs may Include InformatIon About the Content You Are sharIng (eg Data), such as the LocatIon of a Photo or the Date of creatIon of a fIle. It Can Also Include The Content You See Through The Features We ProvIde, e.g. the Camera . Our Systems AutomatIcally Process the Content and CommunIcatIons You and Other Users ShAre to Analyze the FrameWork and the Purposes for the Purposes DescrIbed Below. Learn More About How You Can Control Who Sees The Content You ShAre .

Data WIth SpecIal ProtectIon :

If You wIsh, You Have the OptIon to go to YOur ProfIle FIelds Where You wIll fInd the OptIons sectIon and select or fIll In whIch InformatIon You want to PublIsh as Well as Who wIll be able to See It. "Important Personal Moments" on Facebook InformatIon About YOur RelIgIous BelIefs, YOur PolItIcal VIews, whIch Gender Are You Interested In or About YOur Health. ThIs and Other InformatIon (such as RacIal or EthnIc OrIgIn, PhIlosophIcal BelIefs or PartIcIpatIon In Trade UnIons) Are subject to SpecIal ProtectIon ProvIsIons under European UnIon Law .

Datafrom DevIce SettIngs :

InformatIon that You allow us to receIve Through the SettIngs that You enable on YOur DevIces, such as the abIlIty to access the GPS LocatIon, the Camera or YOur Photos .

InformatIon from AffIlIates .

AdvertIsers, ApplIcatIon Developers and Team - CommunIty AdmInIstrators Can send us InformatIon Through the Contact Method We Have by emaIlIng us here: I.LIke.STAR.AND.STARs@gmaIl.com but also a Personal Message on the ILIkeSTARs Platform In ProfIle: I_LIke_STARs

How Do We Use ThIs InformatIon ?

ProvIde, PersonalIze And Improve Our Products .

We Use the InformatIon at Our dIsposal to ProvIde Our Products In order to, among Other thIngs, PersonalIze FunctIons and Content (IncludIng Updates, ILIkeSTARs Stream, and AdvertIsIng) and to make SuggestIons (such as for Groups or Events You may be Interested In or themes that You may want to follow) InsIde and outsIde of Our Products. To Create PersonalIzed Products CustomIzed To YOur Interests, We Use YOur LInks, Preferences, Interests And ActIvItIes Based On The Data We Collect And The InformatIon We ReceIve from You And Others (IncludIng Excluded YOur ChoIce Where You Have GIven YOur ExplIcIt Consent by ChoosIng YOur Flow ConfIguratIon), How You Use and Interact WIth Our Products, as Well as the IndIvIduals, SItes or Other Content to whIch You lInk and for whIch You Have SHow Interest In Our Products. Learn More About How We Use The InformatIon We Have About You To PersonalIze YOur ILIkeSTARs ExperIence And DoItshope Marketplace By ProvIdIng You WIth Features, Content And SuggestIons Through ILIkeSTARs Products And The DoItshope Marketplace. You Can also Learn More About How We choose the Ads You See.

AdvertIses And Other Sponsored Content :

We Use the InformatIon We Have Collected About You, IncludIng InformatIon About YOur Interests, ActIons and LInks, In order to select and PersonalIze the Ads, promotIons and Other Sponsored Content We SHow You. About How We select and PersonalIze the Ads for You, has clearly to Do WIth How and the OptIons You Have regardIng the Data We Use to select Ads and Other Sponsored Content for You .

CommunIcatIon WIth You .

We Use the InformatIon We Have at Our dIsposal In order to send You MarketIng CommunIcatIons, to Contact You About Our Products and to Inform You About Our PolIcIes and Terms. We also Use ThIs InformatIon to ansWer You when You Contact us .

How Is ThIs InformatIon CommunIcated ?

When You ShAre somethIng or CommunIcate WIth someone Through Our Products, You select the AudIence that wIll See What You ShAre. For example, when You Post somethIng on ILIkeSTARs, You select the Post AudIence. You Can select a Group, All YOur FrIends, all Users, or a default Group of People as AudIence .

PublIc InformatIon .

PublIc InformatIon Is vIsIble to everyone, InsIde or outsIde of Our Products. These Include YOur Internet Username, Any InformatIon You ShAre PublIcly, InformatIon on YOur PublIc ProfIle on ILIkeSTARs, and Content that You ShAre on Facebook Pages, PublIc Instagram accounts or Any Other PublIc Forum, such as the Facebook Marketplace . You, the Other Users of Facebook and Instagram, but also We Can ProvIde access to or send PublIc InformatIon to Anyone InsIde or outsIde of Our Products, such as Other Products of Facebook CompanIes, Search results or Through tools and API. PublIc InformatIon may also be vIeWed, accessed, re-CommunIcated or retransmItted Through thIrd party ServIces, such as Search engInes, APIs and offlIne MedIa (e.g. TV), and Through ApplIcatIons, WebsItes and Other ServIces Integrated WIth Our Products .

Content That Others ShAre or Re-ShAre About You .

You should cArefully consIder Who You choose to ShAre Content WIth, as IndIvIduals Who may See YOur actIvIty on Our Products may choose to ShAre It WIth Others, InsIde or outsIde of Our Products, IncludIng IndIvIduals and BusInesses that Do not belong to AudIence of YOur orIgInal NotIfIcatIon. For example, when You ShAre a Post or send a Message to specIfIc FrIends or accounts, they In turn Can Download, create screenshots, or redIstrIbute that Content to Others InsIde or outsIde of Our Products, In person or In vIrtual envIronments. realIty, such as Facebook Spaces . Also, when You comment on someone else's Post or react to Its Content, YOur comment or reactIon appears to Anyone Who Can See the Other User's Content and that User may change the AudIence later.

Others may also Use Our Products to create and ShAre Content for You In the AudIence of TheIr ChoIce. For example, someone mIght ShAre a Photo of You In a story, mentIon You or tag You In the LocatIon of a Post, or ShAre InformatIon About You In Posts or Messages .

InformatIon AboutYour ActIve Status Or Presence In Our Products .

People Who partIcIpate In YOur netWorks - Groups - CommunItIes Can See some IndIcatIons that IndIcate If You Are actIve In Our Products, as Well as If You Are currently actIve In ILIkeSTARs .

Change Of OwnershIp.

In the event that the ownershIp or Control status of all or part of Our Products or Assets changes, We may transfer YOur InformatIon to the New Owner .

NotIfIcatIonTo ThIrd Partners .

Our PartnershIp WIth THIRD PARTIES, Who assIst us In ProvIdIng and ImprovIng Our Products or usIng BusIness ILIkeSTARs Tools to grow TheIr BusIness, enables us to manage Our CompanIes and ProvIde Free ServIces to IndIvIduals Throughout the world. People. We Do not sell and wIll never sell Any of YOur InformatIon to Anyone. We also Impose strIct restrIctIons on the way Our AffIlIates Can Use and ShAre the Data We ProvIde. The followIng Are the CategorIes of thIrd party partners to Whom We ShAre InformatIon:


We ProvIde Our AdvertIsers WIth DIrect Reports About the CategorIes of People Who See TheIr Ads and the Performance of TheIr Ads, but We Do not ShAre InformatIon that IdentIfIes You (InformatIon such as YOur Name or emaIl address that Is suffIcIent to Contact someone WIth You or verIfy YOur IdentIty), unless You gIve us YOur permIssIon .

- Partners Who Offer Goods And ServIces In Our Products .

When You purchase - or redeem by redeemIng WIth the system ProvIded by ILIkeSTARs on YOur Platform WIth LIke2CoIns somethIng from ILIkeSTARs or DoItshope Marketplace - a GIft CertIfIcate or a Product from a seller In Our Products, the Content Creator or Seller may Have access to YOur PublIc InformatIon and Other InformatIon that You dIsclose to HIm, as Well as the InformatIon requIred to complete the transactIon, such as shIppIng detaIls and Contact detaIls .

How Do ILIkeSTARs CompanIes Work Together ?

ILIkeSTARs and DoItshope Marketplace Use Infrastructures, Systems and TechnologIes that Can collaborate and agree betWeen them. We also process InformatIon About You at ILIkeSTARs CompanIes for These Purposes, as permItted by applIcable Law and In accordance WIth TheIr Terms of Use and PolIcIes . For example, We process InformatIon from the DoItshope Marketplace, whIch aIms to understand How Users Use and Interact WIth the Products of ILIkeSTARs CompanIes, as Well as to understand the number of unIque Users In the VarIous Products of TheIr CompanIes. DoItshope .

What Is The Legal BasIs For Data ProcessIng?

We Collect, Use and ShAre the Data We Have at Our dIsposal In the ways DescrIbed above :

as requIred to fulfIll the ILIkeSTARs Terms of Use or the DoItshope Terms of Use

WIth YOur Consent, whIch You may revoke at Any tIme Through the ILIkeSTARs SettIngs and the DoItshope SettIngs as requIred to comply WIth Our Legal OblIgatIons to Protect YOur VItal Interests, or thIrd party Interests as requIred by PublIc Interest, and as requIred by Our legItImate Interests (or those of thIrd partIes), IncludIng Our Interests In ProvIdIng InnovatIve, PersonalIzed, secure and profItable ServIces to Our Users and AffIlIates, unless YOur own Interests or fundamental rIghts or fundamental freeDoms that dIctate the ProtectIon of Personal Data take precedence over those Interests .

How You Can ExercIse YOur RIghts Under the GCC RegulatIon

AccordIng to the General Data ProtectIon RegulatIon ( GPA ), You Have the rIght to access, correct, transfer and delete YOur Data. Learn More About These RIghts and How You Can ExercIse YOur RIghts by goIng to ILIkeSTARs SettIngs and DoItshope SettIngs . You Can exercIse ThIs rIght on ILIkeSTARs and DoItshope .

DeactIvate and Delete Account

When You delete YOur account, We also delete all YOur Posts, such as Photos and Status Updates, and You wIll not be able to retrIeve ThIs InformatIon later. InformatIon ShAred by Others About You Is not part of YOur Account and wIll not be deleted. If You Do not wIsh to delete YOur account but wIsh to temporarIly stop usIng the Products, You may deactIvate YOur account Instead. To delete YOur account at Any tIme, See ILIkeSTARs SettIngs and DoItshope SettIngs .

How Do We Respond To Legal Requests Or Prevent Harm ?

We access, maIntaIn and dIsclose YOur InformatIon to regulators, prosecutors or Other authorItIes :

RespondIng to a Legal Request, If We consIder for the good of YOur CommunIcatIon and safety but also of Our entIre CommunIty that such a thIng Is requIred by Law. We may also respond to legal requests as long as We belIeve that It Is good for the proper functIonIng and safe that complIance Is requIred by applIcable Law In that jurIsdIctIon, affects Users In that jurIsdIctIon and Is In accordance WIth InternatIonally RecognIzed standards.

When We deem It necessary to detect, prevent and deal WIth fraud, unauthorIzed Use of the Products, breaches of Our Terms of Use or polIcIes or Other harmful or Illegal ActIvItIes, and for Our own ProtectIon (IncludIng the ProtectIon of RIghts, YOur property or Our Products), YOur own ProtectIon or that of thIrd partIes, IncludIng In the context of InquIrIes or requests from regulators, as Well as to prevent HIs death or ImpendIng bodIly harm. For example, If necessary, We ProvIde and receIve InformatIon from ThIrd Partners About the relIabIlIty of YOur account to prevent fraud, abUse or Other harmful actIvIty InsIde or outsIde Our Products.

The InformatIon We receIve About You (IncludIng fInancIal transactIon Data related to purchases Through ILIkeSTARs) may be accessIble or retaIned for a long perIod of tIme when It Is the subject of a legal request or oblIgatIon, government InvestIgatIon or InvestIgatIon Into possIble breach of the Terms Use or Our polIcIes, or AnythIng related to harm preventIon. We also retaIn InformatIon from accounts that Have been deactIvated for breaches of the Terms of Use for at least one year, In order to prevent repeated abUse or Other breaches of the Terms of Use .

 How WIll You Be NotIfIed of Any Changes To ThIs PolIcy ?

PrIor to Any modIfIcatIon of ThIs PolIcy, We wIll notIfy You and You wIll be able to revIew the revIsed PolIcy before ChoosIng to contInue usIng Our Products .