Law Enforcement Instructions.


This Guide is for informational purposes only. It does not create a contractual obligation or commitment of ILikeStars to take specific action in a given circumstance. This Guide provides neither Legal advice nor a comprehensive overview of all Legal requirements. For some Requests, there may be additional requirements in addition to those set out here. This Guide does not cover Non-Governmental Entity Requests.

ILikeStars takes its Privacy Policy seriously. Therefore, ILikeStars reviews all Claims and Legal Procedure for personal validity and Legal Adequacy and will oppose it when necessary. Notwithstanding these Guidelines, ILikeStars does not waive and explicitly retains all available rights and objections.

What Is ILikeStars?

ILikeStars is a Large Electronic Platform that Unites and combines Communication, Entertainment, Work and User needs, through the interaction between them in its single Page.

1) With Seven Different Recognized Ways of Communication - Search Worldwide that Users Use on Social Media.

2) With the Cooperation of two E-shops, the first with the search for various services in the form of Gift Certificates and the second with the search for Products.

3) With a new Support - Reward and Redemption Model for Users.

People can create Groups to Communicate on the Internet according to their interests. Each Group has its own Interest and Object as well as its own Members who have the same Common Interest. Members of each Group can share Content by posting Stories, Links and / or media (called "Posts") in a Group Post Stream and Users can comment on Posts. Users can also "Reward" Each Post, as this helps determine its position in the overall ranking of posts on ILikeStars.

What User Information Does ILikeStarsCollect?

ILikeStars Users are required to provide their name or Contact Information (including Email Address) in accordance with its Registration Form.

Basic Subscriber Information - Includes your first and last name, and your ILikeStars member name, email address.

You will see more in your Privacy Settings.

Data Conservation Information.

User Information is maintained in accordance with ILikeStars Privacy Policy. Some Information is collected automatically, while other Information is collected at the User's discretion.

How Long Does ILikeStars Save The Post?

ILikeStars Each post lasts 90 days, after 90 days they are automatically deleted while for your Notifications it takes 30 days and then they are deleted this applies to Photos - Comments - Videos - Events.

Example: If you posted a Photo - Video - Post - Event on January 1st this one day activity will be deleted after 90 Days and not Everything.

Note: Your Awards are not affected.

What Happens To A User's Posts / Comments When His Account Is Deactivated?

Once a User Deactivates their Account, their User Name will be publicly logged out with any Posts or Comments made while the Account was Active. However, Posts and Comments will still be visible until the Storage cycle we mentioned above is complete unless Content - contents were removed before Disabling.

What Happens To Other User Information After Deactivating Their Account?

Some User Profile Information may be retained by ILikeStars as required by Law or for Legitimate Business Purposes. For more Information, visit our Privacy Policy. If you still have specific questions, please contact us at Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

  • Signed by a U.S. Law Enforcement Officer / Agent.
  • Includes ILikeStarsUser Names and / or the URLs of each relevant post / comment.
  • Identifiesthe records to be retained.
  • Specifieshow long the files will be kept (maximum 90 Days).
  • Confirmsthat a valid Legal Procedure will come.
  • Hehas a valid official return email address for the relevantS. Law Enforcement Entity.
  • Lawenforcement letter sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject line: "Retention Application - u / [Username]"; and (For extensions only) Clearly identifies the request as a retention extension.

If ILikeStars does not receive the appropriate extension, the retention will be released 90 days after the request date and the retained files will be subject to regular ILikeStars retention or destruction programs. ILikeStars strongly recommends that you submit maintenance extensions at least seven days prior to the expiration date.

Will Users Be Notified of a Retention Request on Their Account?

No . However, Members may be notified of any future Legal Procedure that is not accompanied by a valid non-disclosure order.

Request For User Information.

Requests for User Information must be addressed to ILikeStars, (see Contact Information for Service Instructions). ILikeStars reviews all Legal Procedures to ensure the validity of the person and Legal Adequacy in accordance with applicable Laws and Regulations.

ILikeStars also reviews all Legal Procedures and Requests to ensure that they are not inadmissible for other reasons, such as Requests seeking confidential or proprietary Information, Privileged Information or Information protected by disclosure under any amendment to the Constitution by any country. This is always requested in consultation with the Legal Department of ILikeStars which is authorized for these matters.

All User Information Requests must be tailor-made and specify the Account (s) in question (u / [Username]).

ILikeStars is unable to respond to invalid, long distance or ambiguous requests.

Legal adequacy.

Federal Law Enforcement.

SCA Defines The Following Standard For Legal Procedure:

Call (criminal, administrative, etc.)

Basic Subscriber Information

Judgment under 18 U.S.C. §2703 (Δ)

Basic Subscriber Information

Extended Subscriber Information

Search warrant

Basic Subscriber Information

Extended Subscriber Information

Content of communications (public)

Content of communications (non-public)

State law enforcement

The Law Enforcement Procedure must comply with federal law as well as relevant State Laws governing access to User files. For example, in California, Cal ECPA sets the following standard for Legal Procedure:

Call at State Level.

Basic Subscriber Information (excluding all IP addresses)

State-level search form

Basic Subscriber Information

Extended Subscriber Information

Content of communications (public)

Content of communications (non-public)

Will Users be notified of a request for Account Information?

ILikeStars's policy is to provide its Users with notice of Requests and Legal Procedures seeking their Information, unless prohibited by law or court order. ILikeStars will generally give the User a reasonable amount of time to file an objection before generating responsive recordings. When a statute or court decision prohibits notice for a limited period of time, ILikeStars provides notice after the expiration of this period.

In certain emergency situations, demanding or counterproductive, ILikeStars may exercise its discretion not to give Users notice of a request for their Information prior to production. However, ILikeStars reserves the right to notify affected Users after the production of files.

File Authentication.

Discs produced by ILikeStars are self-authenticated and should not require the testimony of a custodian. If you need a Form certificate, include it in the Legal Procedure.

ILikeStars does not provide testimony from any expert witnesses and does not have on-call witnesses available to testify.

Emergency Disclosure Requests.

ILikeStars may disclose Restricted User Information if ILikeStars believes that there is an urgent need for an imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury to a person and that disclosure is required without delay. ILikeStars evaluates these Requests on a case-by-case basis and may request additional Information to verify the nature of the request and / or the identity of the person making the request. ILikeStars is not committed to producing discs under any circumstances or within a specific time frame.

To request this Information, Emergency Disclosure. DO NOT send an Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , as this may delay the processing of your Request, but please send your Request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Note: If Content identified in an Emergency Disclosure Request violates ILikeStars Content Policy, it will be removed from the Platform after a reasonable period of time. Such action may result in the permanent removal of its Content.

Contact Information.

The enforcement of the Legislation of each country may differ in case of any (question) for an issue of each country must submit Copies of Requests and / or Legal Procedure addressed to ILikeStars, via Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . This address is for law enforcement officers / agents only ILikeStars does not provide telephone support.

The Claims and the Legal Procedure can also be served on ILikeStars through its representative, who will have appointed for the relevant matter.

ILikeStars provides these Addresses as an easy way to deliver courtesy copies. They are not intended to waive service requirements and ILikeStars expressly reserves the right to insist on personal or proper service of the Legal Process.

Requests for International Law Enforcement.

Law enforcement agencies can also submit Claims and / or Legal Procedure in English via the email prefecture This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . ILikeStars may not respond to Requests in languages other than English and Greek. Because ILikeStars is a company with in the European Union. and its User Information is available in the International Official Language but also in Greek. A Request under the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty or court letters may be required to oblige the disclosure of User Information.

ILikeStars may change these Law Enforcement Guidelines at any time without notice.