Terms & Conditions Like2Coins

These Like2Coins Terms and Conditions ("Terms and Conditions") apply to the use of Like2Coins as the selected Reward - Vote - Redemption method as well as any activity that agrees to and is subject to the ILikeStars and Doitshope Terms and Conditions.

Read these Terms and Conditions carefully.

Using Like2Coins As The Way (Mechanism) Of Your Reward - Redemption.

You acknowledge and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions apply in addition to the terms and conditions contained in our Terms of Use (Mechanism). If there is a conflict between these Terms and Conditions and the ILikeStars Terms of Use regarding the Like2Coins transaction mechanism, these Terms and Conditions apply. If you do not agree with all these Terms and Conditions, do not choose Like2Coins as the selected method (Payment) Award - Vote - Redemption and any activity that agrees and is subject to the terms and conditions of ILikeStars.

The Award - Vote - Redemption method and any activity that consents to and is subject to the ILikeStars Terms and Conditions, with the support of ILikeStars. Acceptance of Like2Coins works with the ILikeStars platform. We do not guarantee and are not responsible for the availability of ILikeStars services.

To complete your purchase, you will be redirected to the ILikeStars website, where you will see the total cost of your Like2Coins booking, based on the exchange rate set by ILikeStars. The Like2Coins value will remain valid as long as the ILikeStars platform is open.

LikeLike2Coins Trading Fees.

As with almost all transactions, Like2Coins, a very small transaction fee will be deducted from each Like2Coins package selected to serve your ILikeStars platform activities on the ILikeStars network at the total Like2Coins cost of the transaction your. This charge covers the cost of Pay-Pal booking transactions as well as the cooperation procedures with the ILikeStars - Like2Coins platform.

Like2Coins Transactions Are Final.

Once you start a Like2Coins transaction, you cannot cancel it (provided, however, that you can request a refund in accordance with the refund policy described below).

Under Which Payments And Payment Transactions.

If you attempt to start an activity (transaction) according to an offer offered by ILikeStars by exchange and Payment method with Like2Coins that differs from the exact cost of the reservation indicated by ILikeStars, your reservation will not be completed. You will need to resubmit your Transaction - Payment for the correct amount to complete your business .

Transactions are Completed Once Confirmed.

Once a Market Transaction has been submitted according to the way you chose for Like2Coins on the ILikeStars platform. In case of a delay in the transaction regarding the confirmation of the completion of your process, check your network. Note Do not attempt any procedure that you wish for when it comes to online transactions unless you have a good network for your own security.

Back With Like2Coins.

Whether for any transaction you wish to do on the ILikeStars platform you qualify for a Return with Like2Coins is governed by the ILikeStars Terms of Use, regardless of whether your transactions and activity are with Like2Coins or any other payment method. To request a return of Like2Coins in a transaction of your activity that you wished to do and that was done with Like2Coins, you must follow certain procedures to claim your Like2Coins Return, as explained below.

Valid Email Address and ILikeStars Account Required For Like2Coins Returns.

 Your Like2Coins refund will be issued through ILikeStars and you must have or create an ILikeStars account to receive your Like2Coins refund. ILikeStars will send a Like2Coins Return Notification Email to the email address associated with your ILikeStars subscription. Providing a valid Email address to which you have access is important, as it is a prerequisite for contacting you. If you did not associate an ILikeStars account with the Email address to which the Like2Coins Returns Contact and Information message was sent, the Return Notification email will explain how to create an account and what login information you need to fill out on ILikeStars for your theme to claim the return of Like2Coins. If the identification results on the contact form with you do not match correctly then Like2Coins come under your jurisdiction after 30 days at ILikeStars.

You acknowledge that if you are unable to access the Email Address associated with your ILikeStars account, then we're sorry you will not be able to get a Like2Coins return from ILikeStars to your account.

What is Like2Coins.

Like2Coins is a unit of measurement in a mechanism that gives the power and shine of ILikeStars stars.

You can use them to Reward Excellent Posts or Comments by giving the appropriate Strength and Shine you desire among 3 Star Type Options Selected by ILikeStars for you.

What Are The 3 Types Of Star Awards Selected By I Like Stars.

1) Like Star.

2) Super Like Star.

3) Mega Like Star.

The Star Award is the power and brilliance that each user gathers in ILikeStars.

The Award is a way to show appreciation for an outstanding contribution to ILikeStars. You can award someone by clicking on "Like Star" - "Super Like Star" - "Mega Like Star" below his / her post or comment. This distinguishes him with how many Like Stars he has collected for everyone to see.

What Is The Equivalence Of The Mechanism Of The 3 Types Of I Like Stars With Like2Coins.

A) 1 Like Star = 1 Like2Coins

B) 1 Super Like Star = 5 Like2Coins

C) 1 Mega Like Star = 21 Like2Coins

As with almost all Transactions, Like2Coins, a small Transaction fee will be deducted from each Like2Coins package selected to serve your activities on the ILikeStars platform on the ILikeStars network at the total Like2Coins cost of your transaction. This charge covers the cost of Pay-Pal booking transactions as well as the Cooperation procedures with the ILikeStars - Like2Coins platform.

The power and brilliance of the stars that you give through your choice of transaction is as follows:

A) Purchase of a Package worth € 5.52 = 44

B) Purchase of a Package worth € 16.56 = 132

C) Purchase of a Package worth € 33.12 = 264

D) Purchase of a Package worth € 49.68 = 396

Where Else Can I Use My Like2Coins ?

You can use Like2Coins only for the needs and activities of ILikeStars

1) Purchase of Gift Vouchers from the Offers of the local companies of the respective country from the E-shop of ILikeStars.

2) Purchase Products from the Doitshope Market-place Offers.

3) Rewarding Users in a Post they upload such as Photo - Video - Post - Event - Groups etc.

4) Business Award.

5) How to Award the Representative.

6) Affiliate Award and Product Representative in each Redemption.

7) How to award a Rapporteur.